Crafting time #EQ2

I read over at Inventory Full that there is a bonus XP weekend going on in Everquest 2, following the recent technical difficulties. Bonus XP means a chance to do some levelling on one of my alts. At present I’m most interested in getting my provisioner levelled up.

He is currently semi-permanently parked at Teren’s Grasp for the pre-expansion event. There are repeatable crafting quests here that are more flexible when it comes to gathering of materials (raw mats of any tier, plus one easy to find node and fuel).

Regardless of the alternatives and the relative efficiency of doing these quests versus others, it certainly seems a quick enough way to level to me – I averaged a level in less than ten minutes across the time I was playing, with the distractions of blogging and having breakfast. Lots more levels to go, but progress is progress, perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!

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