The urge to explore #EQ2

Recent excursions to old zones in Everquest 2 have really stoked the desire to do some more detailed exploration of those areas, some of which I’ve travelled through countless times but have never adventured through. As ever the biggest barrier to this as a nice little side project is time, there’s always a new vertical goal to climb towards, more gear to acquire, oh and the fact I have multiple MMOs competing for my precious free time. The recent announcement of the coming Reign of Shadows expansion means more gear progression (see the TAGN post), even if it seems no level cap increase. Since I care very little for gear in any MMO, this might be a good time to do some “filling in the gaps” in this game.

Familiar skies, yet not so well trodden sands

Although self-mentoring is an option, it would be better probably to have an alt at the right level for the zone (with the AA slider set to minimum XP gain) so I can actually experience it with some modicum of challenge. I do have some lower alts that I could be levelling to follow the “Panda path”.

Hmm, exploring here without flying would be a rather different experience…

That’s not to say I won’t be purchasing / playing the new expansion when it arrives, I certainly will want to continue my Inquisitor and/or Shadowknight’s adventures on Luclin. But for me, Everquest 2 is a game best enjoyed for its breadth of content than for its quantity of end-game activities. That’s not meant as a criticism of what each expansion adds to the top, but more the reality that I already chase the (non-raid) end-game in World of Warcraft so I prefer my EQ2 time to have a distinctly different pace.

Yeah, some areas will *NOT* be being explored on foot

As a side-effect of these nostalgic explorations, I’m currently gearing up my two main characters through this year’s Panda quests, unlocking new pieces of gear each week, that are pretty major upgrades. I didn’t do the necessary side quests and repeatable content earlier in the expansion’s lifecycle to fully upgrade from lower quest rewards. The “Gear up, Level up” has just started to herald the new expansion’s imminent announcement, so that may also offer some worthwhile boosts to bring my mains up to speed.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Both EQ and EQII have been on firm “every other expansion” level cap increases for a long thime now. The inbetween years are always still a gear reset, though.

    The panda quests are interesting to me this time around. It’s the first year since they began that virtually all the rewards haven’t been huge upgrades. I’m still equipping most of them on my best-equipped character but I’m having to look at the stats very closely and there have been two or three panda pieces I’ve rejected.

    One very interesting thing about the new panda gear is that it all comes with a Resolve stat of only 170, which isn’t even close to being the highest you would get through normal solo play. Most of my Berserker’s gear is 175 or 180. Until now I’ve used resolve as a near-infallible guide to whether a new item is better than an old one. Higher resolve has always meant better stats over all. The new panda gear, though, has really huge increases in two of the key stats – Potency and Crit Rate – but most of the other stats are lower.

    I wonder what this portends for the expansion? It suggests a much higher potency threshold for a start and it’s a lack of potency that usually leads to undergeared players complaining the new content is too hard. Resolve itself is, of course, completely irrelevant to solo players – it has literally no function outside of Heroic content.

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