Adapt, or don’t

A post by Bhagpuss discussing the mobile browsing compatability for his blog has reminded me of a topic I’ve thought of a few times recently: adaptation by content creators to the trends around them.

The Internet, and the array of technologies it hosts, are constantly changing. As an IT professional it is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting to deal with this on a regular basis. This spring/summer, which has been a particularly bizarre and challenging one work-wise, has caused even more change than normal. The pandemic meant finding new tools and platforms, advising on security and functionality issues relating to their use, and then training users to adopt them rapidly. We’ve adapted to widespread web-conferencing, shared files in the cloud, collaboration platforms and ramped up the number of tools relating to social media, while also increasing the extent of our use of existing accounts.

It’s quite the contrast with my private use of such platform: this blog hasn’t changed in any significant manner for many years. I started feeding new posts to Twitter some years ago to help promote the posts, but haven’t (if I’m honest) made that much of an effort to really adopt Twitter as a platform.

Thinking about redesigning this blog to better suit mobile phones hadn’t, as yet, occured to me – though it really should as it was a major topic in the company website redesign process two years ago. Other media come and go as the latest fad, although I’m not that ofay with what’s hot at the moment, I do get to talk to teenagers on occasion through work. When questioned about the company’s use of social media, there seems to be marked differences of opinion between young people only a few years different in age on which social media platforms are best for reachign them, or their favourite. So it is not even a case of “the new hotness”, but rather “the new hotness for some who bothered to adopt it or who were the platform’s target (age) audience”.

Maybe my company’s experiences is a rather niche example, and new platforms are mass adopted by a majority, but is it the right audience for this blog? Probably not in any case. So the question remains on whether I should consider adapting my MMORPG output to any new platforms? I’m not ready to start Twitch streaming any time soon – I’m no performer.

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