Guns on Castrovel #Starfinder

The jungle-covered world of Castrovel has restrictions on most types of heavy-industry, with several powerful factions like the Green Faith and the Xenowardens lobbying to keep the planet’s extensive wilderness regions untouched by development and pollution. This beautiful planet has a troubled history, however, as only thirty years ago a millenia-long armed struggle between two of the sentient species (the lashunta and formians) came finally to an end. The legacy of this long story of conflict is that the various nations on Castrovel are highly militarised, yet ironically outside of their respective militaries, arms and armor are difficult to source.

There are relatively few arms merchants available to outsiders, unless visitors are well enough connected to find black-market traders or connect with one of the elusive smuggler networks. In Qabarat, the most cosmopolitan of Castrovel’s cities, two options are widely advertised on the local InfoSphere.

AbadarCorp Emporium

The hypermarket of AbadarCorp dominates an entire city block near to the main starport. It offers all manner of off-world goods for the cities shoppers, and has a well stocked range or arms and armor. All items are manufactured by Abadar subsidiaries off-world to the corporation’s reliable, if slightly average, standards.

Any important or well-known customers will likely encounter Merip, the arms emporium’s ysoki director of sales (male ysoki, slate grey fur and emerald eyes). He is a font of knowledge about weapons of all kinds: a real enthusiast with a gift for sales patter. As local director he is empowered to offer small discounts on bulk purchases.

Visitors to the arms emporium are encouraged to pay their respects to Abadar before leaving with their new purchases. The more ardent believers in the god of commerce’s benevolence do this to receive a blessing on their new weapons or armor before using them in battle, a small donations is usually made as part of their devotions at one of the private shrine-booths (all major currencies or even UPBs are accepted). Local conspiracy theorists might comment that the church is promoting ‘divine-inspired obsolesence’ in these products, there are even Holonet discussions showing ‘evidence’ that weapons purchased without a suitably large blessing mysteriously develop faults a day or two after the warranty expires…

Sehal’s Gunstore

This anacronistic store is squeezed into a narrow alleyway between the main fresh produce and household goods markets in Qabarat. The maze-like streets in this densest part of the city are home to many small trader shops. Sehal is a middle-aged female damaya lashunta with grey-brown skin and green eyes. She deals with customers in no-nonsense tones and an efficient manner.

Unlike AbadarCorp, Sehal’s shop deals mostly in customised and reconditioned arms. She has single-handedly grown the business based at first on repairing heirloom weapons; with the long militaristic traditions of the lashunta such items are usually handed down for generations. Sehal is an expert weapon-mechanic and has a surprisingly sophisticated arms lab out back.

More recently, she has managed to secure contracts to supply several notable organisations with non-lethal weapons, and has established supply lines with off-world manufacturers to meet the volumes required by these new orders. Expansion of her business may well be justified in the near future. To date, her small time operation has flown under the radar of the fiercly competitive AbadarCorp, but any expansion into military or corporate supply contracts is likely to draw the corporation’s attention.

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