Even a jump can take you far

It all started with my usual propensity to jump on anything in a MMORPG that is in front of my character. That “because it is there” mentality, at least in a zero stakes game, really gets my Tauren druid in Classic to try to climb or jump up on things. It usually makes for interesting screenshot angles, and the odd unusual discovery.

In a recent run of Razerfen Downs with our Horde dungeoneers, it also led to some musings on the hidden advantages of certain World of Warcraft character races when it came to jumping. Very tall characters have the edge it seems, which is perfectly logical in one sense, but a vanishingly rare commodity in more modern games due to balancing.

Although I usually did jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2 exactly once – I really dislike them with a passion – I never found it particularly harder on my diminuitive Asura versus the taller characters I created.Why I would like jumping around but not like jumping puzzles is a seemingly contrary thing, but the difference I believe is that this post is about free exploration. The fiendish and often long jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2 and other games like Wildstar, were at least as much about competition as exploration I would contend. Competition isn’t my thing in gaming.

A fiendish jumping puzzle

I’ve always loved everything about the Tauren: their character models, their movement animations and emotes and they could play my two favourite WoW classes (druid and shaman). In Retail they can also play paladins for the full trifecta. The fact that they make excellent jumpers in Classic is an added bonus. I think it’s one of those “not how you remember it” things. I have vague memories of WoW being terrible for blocking off everything not on the path you should be walking on, especially indoors. But then I started playing in Burning Crusade and those dungeons were particularly linear…

Feather fall is your friend

This memory is no doubt clouded by my earlier years of WoW coinciding with when I started playing Dungeons & Dragons Online, a MMO that is polar opposite for freedom of movement compared to the early WoW content and game engine. In much more recent times WoW has played catch-up with a lot more movement abilities, and engineering or temporary zone-specific items. I am finding that at least in the more open Classic dungeons there is more freedom to explore than I first thought, even if the simple jump is the only tool available to me…

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I suspect that if you’d done more jumping puzzles (and free exploration) in GW2 you might have found quite a difference between the races. The relative heights certainly can be an issue although obviously all the official jumping puzzles are designed to be completable by any race. Outside of those, though, I have come across a few locations where one character can make a jump or a glide where another can’t, based on what part of the body (or hit box) impacts the terrain first. A taller character definitely can have an advantage there.

    More potently, though, is the field of view. Charr are particularly bad for having body parts and clothing block the eyeline. And at locations where you need to edge around something to get a precise spot for a jump the bulkier races, Charr and Norn particularly, often manage to push themselves off a ledge before they can get the angle. Asurans don’t usually have that problem.

    As with just about every game I have ever played, though, if you want to have the least problems jumping and climbing, play a human. I’m fairly sure developers design using a default human model in most games and everything is optimized for that, even if unintentionally.

    • Telwyn says:

      True, I’d forgotten about the Charr thing on jumping puzzles, but then I barely played my Charr, sadly. My memory is more that Charr and Norn really blocked other players field of view, which my poor Asura really noticed.

    • Sylow says:

      First on the point of jumping puzzles: yes, i also very much dislike those. If i want to play super mario, then i play super mario, not GW2.

      On the topic of the Charr: there is a potion which allows you to shrink you character. I found that one to be quite useful sometimes on my Charr. Not only does it reduce the problem of your character blocking your view, there also are a few small passages in the game, where my wifes character (Asura) was able to go through, while i was unable to follow. That potion fixed the problem.

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