Pre-patches and alt levelling in Shadowlands

I realised this morning that we are just over a month away from the Shadowlands expansion release for World of Warcraft and we do not, as yet, have the “pre-patch”. Perhaps, this will come with next week’s maintenance window (Tuesday/Wednesday depending on region)?

This doesn’t give the playerbase that much time to re-learn their classes before the expansion itself arrives. It also doesn’t give us much time to dive into the new levelling experience with new alts. Husband and I have been levelling the latest pair (monk & death knight) for the last few months sporadically, mainly because we didn’t want to wait for the pre-patch. It’s a good job we didn’t wait as there’ll be precious little time to get levelling once it does.

Of course, once Shadowlands is here we’ll be focussed for some time purely on taking our main characters through the new storylines and zones. That’ll be a main character pair for us two to play as duo, plus another that’ll form part of our dungeon group. We’ll certainly want to see the Horde perspective on the story as well, though Alliance comes first as always for us. By the time we have played all the zones a few times and checked out some of the repeatable content in zones and the instanced stuff, I imagine it will be several months before we start to even think of levelling a character in this new experience.

I’m contemplating a vulpera rogue for this eventual first go at the new experience. I’ve never managed to stick to rogue in World of Warcraft beyond level 20. My dislike of melee dps class/specs specifically in World of Warcraft is a very long-standing issue. But I want to play a vulpera, and have at least one or two of every other class available to these fox-folk. I figure the current combat rogue spec with the pistol abilities may actually give this character just enough ranged utility for me to enjoy it.

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