AFK till next week

I’m going away for a long weekend to my home town, to catch up finally with family in a socially distanced manner. I’ll take this as an opportunity to focus on some other hobbies other than MMORPGs and blogging about them. Hopefully while I’m away we’ll get to play some Starfinder tabletop RPG, the first in-person RPG gaming I’ll have done since the lockdown began in mid-March.

I’m really looking forward to being somewhere, anywhere else than my home and local area for the first time in five months. I’m also really looking forward to some more in-person, non-Internet dependent gaming.

Although I have written about Starfinder and TTRPGs on the blog, it remains a pretty small subset of my overall output, so it will almost meet today’s Promptapalooza prompt. I’m not intending to read much online over the weekend so I’ll have to catch up on Blaugust too when I return, especially since it’ll be my turn to post on Wednesday next!

Happy gaming all.

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