5 things in life that excite me (Promptapalooza day 13)

This post is a response to today’s prompt (Day 13) of Promptapalooza, the original post for this prompt is over at Just Geeking By – do read that post as well. The Promptapalooza schedule and list of topics is over at aggronaut.com. As Heather notes in her post, narrowing down the “things that get you excited in life” down to just five has required some thought and slightly severe cutting of options. So, in no particular order here is my list of five:

Playing MMORPGs

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to readers of this blog but I do really enjoy playing MMORPGs. Playing games with character development, various story arcs to discover, repeatable group content and world’s to explore is my *thing* when it comes to gaming. I used to play 4X (e.g. Civilisation) style games, I used to play 1st-person shooters, I used to play real-time strategy (e.g. Command & Conquer), but I’ve not kept up with any of those genres because MMORPGs have excited me more consistently and offer longer term engagement than any of them. Online multiplayer when I last looked in any of those other genres was exclusively PVP, maybe with some coop campaign support thrown in as an afterthought. So for me and my friends MMOs offer the best “gaming together” experience there is.

Playing tabletop RPGs

I’ve been playing MMOs for circa 13 years now (quite the latecomer compared to some bloggers!), but I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games for over thirty years. These games of unfettered imagination have been a real life-companion throughout this time. As with my penchant for healer characters in MMOs, I do tend to be the referee/DM/GM of most of the campaigns that I am involved in. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie, the laughter and drama of a tabletop game, even if it is mostly a virtual experience via video-conference these-days.

Virtual ttrpg

Writing adventures

As much as I enjoy running RPG adventures, I actually derive just as much pleasure from writing them. I’ve only relatively recently started taking that a little more seriously, publishing two adventures on the DMs Guild, but I’ve been writing my own adventures almost as long as I’ve been playing TTRPGs. I’m no snob about running games though, as a working adult time is such a premium that I’m more than happy to run published adventures as well. I invariably adapt them extensively to my own campaign, a form of writing that I also rather enjoy.

Exploring new places (IRL)

One of my biggest passions is travel abroad. Exploring new cities, landscapes and historical sites with my husband has been one of the constant highlights of my life. This makes COVID a particularly personal crisis, travelling for leisure seems suddenly so risky and unpredictable where it was *so* easy only six months ago.

Memories of a happier time

Other languages

Part and parcel of travelling abroad for me is the chance to learn about another culture and, quite often, to encounter another language. I know a good amount of eight different languages, but I’m always keen to learn some more! Think of it like the excitement you feel starting a new game, I get that same feeling learning a new language. The most recent addition was Japanese, I studied it for a year and a half at a University in my home city. That linguistic mountain was a bit too steep to climb when I balance work, gaming, other hobbies with the need to do homework and practice outside of class. Currently I’m practicing my French once more for more serious reasons, but language study and usage has always been a hobby of mine.

Why have I not learned this language yet?
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