My creative space (Promptapalooza prompt 11)

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I’ve actually featured very occasionally a photo of my desk at home. This was my creative space until March of this year. Although I was working from home one day a week already since last summer, as a work-life-balance thing and also because my current work’s office is a bit too small. Since March 2020, though, it’s been 4 or 5 days a week sat in the same desk for work as for gaming, and writing. That’s not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but it is the current reality.

Some of my older games

I quickly created a second profile within Windows 10 to separate work from hobbies as much as possible. That keeps my work desktop free of games or links to things I should read for blogging, for example. Likewise it means I’m not bothered outside work hours by email notifications or Skype messages. A strong virtual separation really helps when the physical space is one and the same, for both the work and the non-work worlds.

This desk is surrounded by computer game cases, a stack of roleplay books and other CD-ROMs. Framed quite neatly by a history of and memorable objects from my long association with gaming. I have a gaming laptop, with the luxury of an external screen (dual-screen is a must for me these days), plus a proper mouse and keyboard as well. The desk happens to be in the living room of our house, by the patio door to our back garden. I can be focussed if the ideas are flowing and tune out most things. But, if I’m lacking inspiration or want to be distracted, I need only look to my right to see neighbourhood cats playing, birds taking water from the birdbath or just looking at the familiar scenery of trees and sky above.

Neighbourhood cats at play

In a normal, non-COVID, time I’m a big fan of finding inspiration by changing my surroundings. In past I’ve written in a previous Blaugust event on how I enjoy sitting in a café with my netbook to sketch out or draft blog posts or RPG adventures. I have previous posts on my writing process, which happens to be Promptapalooza 10 (Nerdy Bookah’s post answers this). For now, I’m making do with sitting in the garden when there’s enough shade to see a screen. The separation still helps if I’m feeling blocked, even if I’m not walking quite as far to achieve it!

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  1. Gray's Otome says:

    Your creative space is actually quite similar to mine XD! I loved going to cafes and having a cup of coffee and then working on a few things from laptop before… but with the way things are right now, I also sit out in my garden to get some fresh air and write what’s on my mind when the weather is alright.

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