Contributing to Ahn’Qiraj

Since last week the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event has been live on World of Warcraft Classic’s servers. I wasn’t playing at this point in Vanilla WoW so it’s not an event I’ve seen before.

More precisely, given that the long list of raid and large group content required for the attunement to even enter the raid of the same name, means that realistically all I could join in on would be the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort quests – crafting and gathering repeatable hand-in quests in major cities.

I quickly rode around Dun Morogh to gather some copper and some linen cloth from nodes and mobs there to make some items for the lowest tiers of hand-in quests: copper bars and linen bandages.

Caves offer the perfect combo of ore nodes AND humanoid monsters

Handing in the two lots of 20 linen bandages and the one lot of 20 copper bars, I was surprised to see that some of the counts were a long way off completed. Given how optimised and well-prepared the player base is for Classic compared to the wild, uncharted days of Vanilla, you’d expect players to have quickly racked up the totals needed (well except things like Purple Lotus).

Even the most basic of items were only about 30% done. I guess those totals are pretty high still. The hand ins gave my dwarf some rep items and a couple of random item boxes. That’s not going to yield anything useful as a level 60 given the low-level mats he handed in, but the one cloth green item might be of use to an alt.

Overall it’s not an event I expect to see much of even though I’m around this time as its heavily stacked towards raiding guilds, and as written recently that’s not my thing. I’d love to be in Silithus when the Opening of the Gates event (see linked Blizzard Watch article above) happens – not to have a meaningful role but just to see what happens. We’ll have to see when that happens, and a more experienced mind thinks that could take a while. Then there’s whether I’m even able to log in during the limited ten hour ‘war’ event in Silithus to see the arrayed forces of the Qiraji in action. /crosses fingers

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