Inconsistencies that bug in MMORPGs

While playing my newish druid in World of Warcraft Classic, I’ve been reminded several times of an annoying inconsistency of how the rules of the game are applied, one that makes no sense to me as a player.


Now in Classic I have almost the full gamut of druid skills, at least those available to a level 24 character. I have heals, buffs/debuffs, damage spells and crowd control spells. It’s an interesting mix of abilities, one that attracted me to play a Balance druid as my main for most of the years I’ve been in Azeroth. Although my character is mostly just healing in dungeons I do get to do some other things – he can use Faerie Fire and Insect Swarm to weaken foes for instance.

Healer druid can still CC

He can also use crowd control abilities to make a fight less intense by locking an opponent out of the fight for some time. Using CC abilities is a big thing in Classic, and it can really make a big difference in how much healing is required or even if a fight is doable or not.

The inconsistency that I keep forgetting and that annoys me every time is that, in Classic, entangling roots only work outdoors. It’s possibly just a nod to the entangle spell in Dungeons & Dragons, the most likely inspiration for this spell though not the restriction. There is plenty of foliage in Wailing Caverns, either of the Razorfen instances or later ‘indoor’ dungeons, why should this spell not be useable? Even worse some dungeons have very clear ‘outdoor’ components, even if they are still instanced.

How is this not ‘outdoors’?

Of course the spell could be fixed by the description stating spell cannot be used in instances. But then, why not?

Do you have any pet MMORPG rules peeves like this? Any inconsistencies or unexplained restrictions that bug you?

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