Looking forward to levelling in Wrath

Our newest levelling pair, a Mistweaver monk and a Frost Death Knight, are rapidly approaching level 80 and are currently questing through the Dragonblight zone. We’re probably about 75% of the way through this zone. I commented where should we go next in this continent, but the answer came back: “we’ll have outlevelled it by the time we are done here”.

New main in Shadowlands?

Even with the level-banded zone system, expanding the range of levels that zones are relevant content for a character, it is still all too easy to out-level an expansion before you can finish it. Shadowlands will bring in the new levelling experience that will allow us to level a character from 10-50 entirely in one expansion.

My hope is that the speed of levelling in the linked article is exagerated somewhat for alpha testing, and that regardless of the perceived speed of levelling that in more pratical terms we get to enjoy the best part of the selected expansion before out-levelling it. That’s probably a rather complex mathematical exercise – attempting to normalise the experience gains of quests and other objectives across expansions to guide a character from 10 to 50 with the same pacing.

In any case my interest lies, at least after we’ve seen both the Alliance and Horde storylines in the new Shadowlands zones, in a bit of nostalgic questing. Having some alts that really dig into the stories that we haven’t properly experienced for several expansions – questing through an expansion in its entirety without skipping chunks of the middle or even the end due to out-levelling it. Wrath in particular I do want to experience once again, I’d also be interested in re-playing Pandaria in its entirety as I barely played that expansion in its own lifetime and by the time I did play it, the pressure was there to move on to the most recent content ASAP.

A ‘darker’ scene

It’s nostalgia I suppose at the heart of this, but not really from a system perspective. I just want to play through the stories again with it being vaguely changelling and somewhat rewarding. A Wrath Classic server isn’t really what I want here, I want the whole of Wrath, including the excellent trio of final dungeons available to me, but with the modern game systems and rewards still intact (don’t take away my mailbox toy or vendor-mount!). Which expansion would you most want to level through systematically in Shadowlands?

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