Preparing for Shadowlands in World of Warcraft

Things are ticking along in Azeroth (Retail) as we march into summer and the slow build-up to the next expansion, Shadowlands. As I’ve written before there are various little projects I want to wrap-up before then, here’s an update.

Wait you gave us a quest, only to shoot at us…?

Emissary Watch

We’re keeping an eye on the daily emissaries to watch for any that are particularly worth doing. Over the last day or two we’ve been doing some that drop a ilvl 420 weapon. Such rewards are random and often not exactly what a character really wants, but given how rare decent weapons drops have been in Battle for Azeroth. Two of my three level capped Alliance characters had ilvl 370 weapons still from the opening on Nazjatar quest chain!

A 50 ilvl upgrade for my hunter

The rare gold emissaries are also a must do, if we can spare the time to repeat them. Likewise higher item level azerite gear chests for those alts who’ve not completed much of the 8.2 or 8.3 content. Given that I play Classic and other MMORPGs with some regularity my free time for grinding away repeatable patch content on alts has been negligible. Only my night elf druid main and my troll priest Horde-main have completed the 8.2 content, and only the former has made any serious attempt at 8.3 content. So gear emissaries can still offer substantial gear upgrades for the rest.

Levelling the monk

We were in the habit when I wrote the linked post above of playing dungeons with a pair of characters that we were levelling ready for the next expansion. My pandaren monk is now at level 75, so not much progress since May. We were distracted by focusing a bit more on the alts already in the 110-120 range.

Eek, haven’t played him since March!

Levelling the Holy paladin

This character has made more progress than the one above, he has a lot less distance to go to the cap, and dinging him to 120 first makes sense as it’ll be another character to benefit from the gold missions and gear upgrades discussed above.

There’s some other minor stuff I’ve been chipping away at: taking a first Alliance alt through the Legendary cloak unlock on my Resto shaman and gearing up the orc Demonology warlock I have now at level 120 Horde-side.

Cloak unlock underway in the Vale

Plenty still to do this summer!

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