A good haul #EQ2

Time is so limited at the moment, work is busy and after months of forced inaction things are slowly starting to progress on the whole moving country thing. Gaming as a result isn’t much of a priority, more’s the pity – as when work is stressful I want to game more not less…

What I am managing, for the most part, is to get in my morning and evening sessions in Everquest 2 in order to sort my Overseer missions and, some days at least to do the Familiar’s Wild and/or daily reward tasks. I’ve temporarily parked my main character in Lavastorm to pick up the series of quests for Overseer linked to the Scorched Sky festival.

Yesterday I had a particularly large haul of rewards, things that I as a casual player of the game most value. For me mercenaries, agents (the Overseer characters) and rare crafting materials are the most interesting items. Gear upgrades are also welcome, of course, especially for alt characters.

The other items: the many potions that I never remember to use, the infuser and fragments of planar energy are of little meaning or interest. As I commented on a recent Neverwinter post of Shintar’s, such rewards are of little interest to me in any MMORPG.

In one day, admittedly with a full set of purple and yellow ‘quality’ quests completed, I received a haul of four different agents and a new mercenary. The latter needs a minimal effort to claim, since you have to go hire a mercenary the first time from where they wait in the virtual world. I’ll have to set aside time to do that so I have another helper for my Overseer success chance!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    For a solo player or anyone playing casually (by which I mean below the level of T1 BoL Heroics), Overseer is an absolute godsend. People complaining about the “difficulty” of Blood of Luclin or that it excludes casuals and solo players have simply failed to understand – or even notice – that the game has changed.

    What Overseer does is provide a reliable source of significant upgrades beyond what’s provided by the Signature questline. The “drop” rate is similar to what you could expect from running multiple instances every day, which is what you are “supposed” to do if you are playing the game “seriously” – only Overseer takes you a few minutes every day instead of a few hours.

    I do all my Overseer quests every day, without fail. Many times the rewards are not what I want or need, but that’s exactly the same as drops from boss chests in instances. Over time measured in weeks and months, though, the good drops build up. Signature solo quest gear tops out at 165 resolve but Overseer drops go as high as 180. I’ve upgraded almost everything on two characters from Sig line to 165, then to 170. Most pieces on both characters are now 175 or better.

    I also made over ten million platinum selling the spells I made from the Shadowed Sage and Alchemist books that dropped in Overseer and I upgraded most of the spells and CAs on most of my characters to Expert using them. Even more valuable were the Adornment recipes that have allowed me to craft Red adorns worth tens of millions of plat. If I could be bothered to craft those on consignment for other players I’d have made millions, too.

    And don’t ignore those infusers. They are vital. Save them until you have gear you think you might keep for a while but don’t save them for too long – you’ll get more. The game these days absolutely assumes you’ll infuse your gear many, many times over. It makes a major difference.

    The only real problem I have with Overseer rewards are that they’re better than almost anything I can get from going out and playing the game!

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