Druid is all the rage it seems #WoWClassic

It seems both what I write or read about with regards to World of Warcraft at the moment is about the Druid class. I guess it’s no surprise as its a popular class that has a lot of flexibility, it was my first ever class played in the game – at least beyond a starter zone.

The latest alt to add to the many I’ve played, I have four druids of various kinds across both factions, is my Tauren restoration healer. We have a newer static leveling group in Classic, that started with an all ‘Moo’ group. Class diversity for Tauren in Classic is quite a problem, however, so the group has diversified somewhat since then.

Despite the lack of spell variety at level 22, an issue hybrid classes have in particular, I’m finding healing on this character to be relatively easy and fun. The ‘heal over time’ (HoT) style of healing is one I’ve not practiced that much in the game, but it seems both reliable and stress-free compared to low level Paladin healing. I’m still single target healing the group in dungeons, just as a Paladin would have to, but I can cast so many more heals within a given fight, what with one instant HoT, and a second very quick-cast HoT to leverage. Also, mana management seems to be less of an issue.

With Paladin, for many levels, I had the choice between a very, very slow good heal, or a quick-ish but pretty weak heal. Eventually along came holy shock to make things a bit easier but it’s was rough at times. From my experiences of resto Druid so far, I think it’s going to be generally easier to keep on top of situations and I don’t even have Tranquility yet!

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