Where does your MMORPG character call home?

What guides you in giving your MMORPG characters a home? Is it just a practical choice of convenience or whereever their hearthstone/recall/return ability is currently bound to? Or is there a more sentimental or character-driven reasoning behind such a choice?

Synchronised hearthstoning

For me there isn’t a single or easy answer to this question. Granted I have lots of characters spread across many games, and the answer I give for one game is not the same as the answer for another game.

World of Warcraft, the pragmatist

For the most part in World of Warcraft, I’m take a pragmatic approch to a character’s home. It is normally set in the major city for the current expansion, or if in the vanilla level-range the most convenient city to travel around (e.g. always Ironforge, never Stormwind).

In Classic: always Ironforge, never Stormwind

In expansions past I’ve sometimes based an alt in a city for other reasons, e.g. when I was working on his cooking on my Shaman I mostly left him in Darnassus. It wasn’t the most convenient city to travel around (compared to Ironforge), but the cooking dailies were fun to do and it was a tranquil and serene place to be. Parking a character for crafting or other static activities is one exception that I make to the most pragmatic of choices.

Boralus is a pragmatic choice

Everquest 2, the sentimentalist

For whatever reasons I tend to be much more sentimental with my Everquest 2 characters. It may partially be that I have had fewer capped characters than in World of Warcraft, or that I do not play them in parallel as often. My two main characters, the Inquisitor and Shadowknight, have kept their home city as their recall points – I’ve never bothered changing this to any current city or settlement. My tailor character has always been in Neriak, except for the sporadic adventuring that he has done. My provisioner (cook) remains in the tranquil boughs of Kelethin.

My Inquisitor will always call New Halas home.

Perhaps this has in part to do with the ease of rapid travel in Everquest 2, as well as the recall skill, there are also world bells and the spire network for travel options. So having a sentimental ‘home’ location doesn’t impose too much travel time to get to the most recent content, or whatever a given character is currently working on.

It’s easy to pop to Freeport (or Qeynos) without needing to setup home there…

Do you identify with either of the above approaches? Or would you use a different word to characterise how you decide where to set your MMORPG character’s home?

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4 Responses to Where does your MMORPG character call home?

  1. Nogamara says:

    I think I’d answer that with “100% the most strategic position”, especially if it gives rested XP or access to mail/bank/etc.

    In WoW (BfA) it’s near the ship (why does Alliance have such a huge advantage here?). In Legion it was Dalaran/Class Hall, in WoD it was the garrison.

    In SWTOR it was the fleet in the old times and it’s of course one of my Strongholds since they were added. Easy access to bank/vendor/teleports/ship.

    Interestingly, in FFXIV I was more open to log out in my current leveling zone, but still I returned to Limsa Lominsa most days.

    It would be *nice* to have a scenic or nice home to logout, but in the end I don’t want to waste time.

  2. I’m more Stormwind and Halas… and the Plane of Knowledge in EQ… and the Keepstar in 1DQ1-A in EVE Online.

    • Telwyn says:

      I can cope with Stormwind in Retail, but in Classic I hate the layout (without flying) with such a passion. Doesn’t help that my main is a blacksmith and the bank and forges couldn’t be any further apart…

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