Finally bear has clicked #WorldofWarcraft

I’ve never been a fan of the Feral druid spec in World of Warcraft, it’s melee, it uses the rage mechanic which I really have never gotten on with, and I prefer my druids with feathers or bark.

I’ve tried bear tank a few times before, I even tanked for a level-by-dungeon group of Worgens back in the Cataclysm era, but never enjoyed the gameplay. That said, finally, I think I’ve found a Guardian (what they call Feral bear-tanks these days) spec that works for me. This has come about due to a very specific mix of the choice of race and the current Battle for Azeroth Guardian gameplay.

The Zanadalari troll druid forms are mostly excellent. I simply love the armoured/spikey turtle ‘bear’ form for Guardian. The crocolisk (six-legged crocodile) underwater travel form is also top notch. The lizard-like ‘cat’ form, which I only use when sprinting, is also nice – though I doubt I’d ever be convinced to play that spec’s infamously tricksy rotation.

I’m not a fan of tank specs in WoW in either era, whether Retail or Classic, so it’s doubly surprising to find myself liking this character so much. Admittedly tanking isn’t at all difficult in non-endgame group content, but the rotation is interesting with several active mitigation buffs to keep up and some strong survivability cooldowns. He also has a couple of interrupts and taunts. The ‘regeneratin’ racial as another self-heal is also a nice plus (coupled with barkskin).

The struggle to keep threat on everything from earlier eras, one now very familiar from playing Classic, was long ago replaced by the challenge of staying alive. In more modern content tanks can become unhealable if they fail to use their active mitigation, assuming that is your group isn’t very overpowered for the content or that your healer isn’t a miracle-worker. It makes for a similarly active tanking gameplay experience, but without the big downside of the “threat as puzzle” approach in Classic, namely the DPS players aren’t constantly having to throttle their own rotations to avoid giving their tank a major headache. In this version it’s really only the healer that needs to worry about the tank pressing the right buttons.

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