Overlapping daily gameplay #EQ2

My current gaming-relaxation routine involves logging into Everquest 2 to do a few interrelated activities. I sort my two main characters Overseer mission completions and then set off a new batch between them. I’ve also finally started doing the daily Familiars Wild quest on these two characters to build up their collection of familiars, since familiars are used in the Overseer system to reduce the chance of a critical failure of a mission.

Floating island zones are pretty!

The results of missions sometimes include more agents to then use on subsequent day’s Overseer missions. Yesterday I had rather a jackpot round of rewards as I received a total of four agents across the two characters, three of them useful to one character or the other. I end up using the shared bank a lot to shift items back and forth and to store the common rewards from missions (especiallly the potions) in space efficient stacks.

Getting new agents means, sometimes, new traits that you can use to increase the critical success chance of a mission. It’s a fun little mini-game: deciding which agents to send on which missions across the two characters.

The Familiars Wild daily has added just enough actual normal gameplay to the daily Overseer loop to avoid it becoming routine. I’ve been doing the Overseer and daily login quest already, but the familiar daily gives that character a task to go out into the wider game world to gather creatures of a random type. This can be in any zone where such creatures can be found and the type is a very broad class (e.g. amphibian), so there are plenty of zones to choose from. Based on the three or so repetitions I’ve done so far, there usually seems to be examples in a high enough zone that it overlaps nicely with any slay objectives for the login tasks (since creatures have to be close to your characters level to count).

This raised a potential issue with using the cage to capture the creatures – to use the item you have to be in combat with the targetted creature. Depending on the class you are playing that can be problematic. Any and all of my Inquisitors combat spells will instantly slay a ‘green’ difficulty monster in lower level zones (e.g. Plane of Magic). That makes fulfilling the slay count nice and easy, but makes capturing the same creatures much harder. My Shadowknight pictured above has it easy as a taunt or debuff ability works nicely and he has a few of those to rotate between when capturing creatures.

My Inquisitor tried auto-attacking with a melee weapon but many of the creatures were dying to one hit, so that wasn’t a good solution. So, I opted for slotting a 1st level ability to tap creatures before caging them as it does a tiny fraction of the highest level version. It’s been many years since he used an Inquisition (I) for anything.

It’s a reminder of just how much depth the game has, and how little adaptations like this make all the difference to this daily activity. Familiars are something I’ve not paid that much attention to in the past, other than grabbing any seasonal event familiars that I have heard about. Now with the Overseer system, I have a new motivation to get collecting!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I went through a phase earlier this year of doing Familiars Wild but I’ve dropped out of the habit again. At 120 It varies enormously from class to class. Some have non-damage abilities but frequently AAs add damage to those. My Berserker has literally not a single ability that doesn’t cause some damage now. He also has so many automatic ripostes and counters that he has to unequip his weapons and stand facing away from the mob if he wants to avoid killing it instantly.

    The worst by far, though, is the Wizard. She has so many abilities that proc huge damage, some of them apparently passives or so I thought, that it took me about twenty minutes of trial and error and reading combat logs even to work out what was triggering. In the end I had to cancel so many of her standard buffs every time, which I then had to remember to recast when she was done, that it just became more trouble than it was worth.

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