Epic quest, or hefty grind? #WoWClassic

At the level cap of 60 now, I’m starting to consider some of the more substantial quests that my character can turn to in order to continue his development.

The final ding

As a paladin he has the rather epic (i.e. pretty long) quest to obtain his fast mount, the charger. I’m looking forward to this, it includes some running around and prep work, but the focus is on some dungeon runs with specific objectives relating to the fiction of how my character gets a faster mount to summon.

The quest includes a relatively achievable financial component, buying some rarer items as part of the preparation stages – a total of 350 gold, quite cheap compared to the cost of a fast mount for other characters. In contrast to this I was trying to progress the armorsmithing quest chain, which my character has had for ten levels approx, and that I’ve made no progress on so far. I finally worked out, with the wiki’s help, where I should go and what I need to get started on the various sub-quests that then allow my character to progress the main task.

Riding the length of the zone

This involved a lot of running around Stranglethorn, some necessary, and some because I was tired and not reading the quest text properly. The lack of quest objective markers on maps can easily lead to wasted time, especially when the only flight point is at the bottom of the zone.

Back to Booty Bay again..

All of this was to receive training (to the Artisan tier) and the sub-quests for this crafting specialism from a rather hermit-like Dwarf. Why would anyone choose to ply their blacksmithing trade surrounding by flamable foliage and hostile wildlife in a jungle zone? Has he not seen the impressive size of the forges in Ironforge, and the conveniently nearby bank and auction house?

Not an ideal location for a forge

What most annoyed me was the materials requirements of these quests. Forty steel bars times three, forty iron bars, gem stones and other materials just to get some recipes. I then have to make a load of examples of those newly learned items to hand in for the main quest – none of which will be cheap in materials to complete. I was feeling quite flushed money-wise, but with the mount quest earmarking all his gold (and then some), buying the materials for this crafting quest chain isn’t an option now.

We’re already discussing various dungeon runs that the static dungeon group could farm for gear upgrades, such as Lower Blackrock Spire, Stratholme and even Zul Gurub. Let’s hope they’re good for money gathering too as my paladin is going to need his share!

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