Closing in on 60 #WoWClassic

My character in World of Warcraft Classic is now sitting at around 59.5, so just a half-level left before reaching the cap. I’d read in various places that the last twelve or so levels were the slowest by far and could be a bit of a drag due to the rather disjointed nature of quest design in this era of the game. I’m happy to say that relying almost exclusively on dungeon running *with* rested XP, plus a concerted effort to gather any quests for those dungeons has made this last sprint to the cap go by relatively painlessly.

We’ve been alternating between Dire Maul and Scholomance for the last few levels. Before that it was a whole lot of runs to Blackrock Depths and Sunken Temple. Fortunately these dungeons are large enough and non-linear enough to avoid falling into boredom over repeat visits. There are usually options of what path to take through a given dungeon: of which bosses to tackle and which to skip.

Level 60 isn’t the end of the journey in Classic since there are dungeons that will challenge us for some time to come, we haven’t yet tried Stratholme and there are the remainder of the Blackrock Mountain instances to try if we can gather the larger group required to visit them. My character is a blacksmith and he’s rather neglected it as I have to grind some gathering to get past the armorsmith specialism unlock chain.

I do need to unlock dark iron smelting…

Other than finishing off other aspects of my character, “End-game” in any MMORPG isn’t my thing: I’m neither motivated by gear grind nor achievements. So any real length of time with no new content to try will be a problem for my motivation to play Classic further. I suppose there’s the option to try a new character, I have a hunter in the early 30s, but I’m rather disappointed with hunter gameplay. I do, however, fancy playing a warlock. I have a level 1 character that we used as part of a summoning alt team – so it might be time to brush off that character as part of a new leveling team. We’re not sick of running Deadmines now, are we?

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