Looking towards Shadowlands #WorldofWarcraft

I’m quite looking forward to World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Shadowlands. This extra-planar or other-worldy jaunt will be a welcome break from the futility of the faction war of Battle for Azeroth. Unusually, despite the limited appeal of the levelling story (especially the war campaign) the last patch brought some Old-God themed content that I have found much more engaging. Looking forward I have the usual decisions to make, which characters am I going to play most in the next expansion?

From my first times in game, in the early Burning Crusade era, through to Cataclysm, my main character was a Balance druid. I switched to Restoration shaman as a main from then through to the start of Legion. With the probable reintroduction of the Eclipse mechanic to Balance, I feel like it’s time to change once more. My three favoured options are:


Mistweaver monk

I have thoroughly enjoyed levelling a Mistweaver monk, mostly through dungeon runs with friends and family. At level 73, there’s still quite a way to go for him to be ready at level 120 by the start of the expansion – a nice summer project, perhaps?

Holy paladin

I’ve been playing a lot of Holy paladin on WoW Classic this year, but I do also play a bit of my Holy paladin alt on Retail when there’s an Assault up, these give particularly good experience for characters levelling through Battle for Azeroth. Easy repeatable content that allows me to avoid repeating the levelling zones, yet again. He’s only at 114, I’ve not been playing him for that long, but it would be goood to have him at 120 as another option.

Beastmaster hunter

As well as my usual healer bias, I should also have some other characters ready for filling out groups in the new expansion’s dungeons. The obvious candidate is my level-capped Beastmaster hunter. It’s an easy class/spec to play and a lot of fun in groups. Quite the contrast from my poor hunter in Classic that I’ve found to be poorly equipped and rather bland in comparison.


Healing priest

A Holy priest is my Horde ‘main’ since several expansions and I do not see that changing. I enjoy playing this troll character and the spec has an excellent array of skills for dungeon healing.

Demonology warlock

I’ve recently level-capped a second Horde character, so I’ll have a good alternative character for leveling and dungeon groups this side as well.  It’s very unusual that I feel almost happier with my character selection Horde side than Alliance…

Are you changing who you play for Shadowlands?






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  2. Nogamara says:

    Reading your post pushed me to finally write down my thoughts, because I’d been thinking about this a lot lately.

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