tlhIngan maH! (we are Klingons) #Blapril2020

I happened to notice on Twitter that 2020 is to be the Year of Klingon according to a news item from just over a week ago over at the Star Trek Online website. My ‘main’ in this MMORPG has always been my Klingon captain Tar’Qash.

It’s a faction in the various TV series of Star Trek that has always fascinated me, in particular with the sub-plots surrounding Worf and the political in-fighting of the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine eras. Back in 2014, he started out as a solo alt character in the game. The plan at the time was to have a static levelling trio of Federation main characters. I created this Klingon captain as something to work on, on the side.

Humble beginnings

From my screenshot archive, it seems I levelled him in annual bursts – with photos spread across 2014-2020. Although I have had issues adjusting to the difficulty curve the last few times I’ve returned to the game, I would really like to see what new or updated Klingon content becomes available, I do rather enjoy playing this character.


The linked article says the tag #StovokorSaturdays will be used to promote content on Twitter and Facebook, easy enough for me to follow on my Twitter account (@TelwynGSF). Here’s hoping Tar’Qash will be heading out for new adventures soon!


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