Top 5 most viewed posts #Blapril2020

I read over at Wilhelm’s blog that Blapril participants are posting about their “top 5 most viewed posts” by audience numbers. Blog stats are something I’ve reflected on occasionally but not with any particular regularity. Here are the top 5 most viewed posts on this site:

5: SWTOR: Race unlocks and the Cathar

In which I talked about free to play models and race unlocks as a concept. I had doubts about Cathar being the first unlockable race. It garned some good comments but lacked any pictures, my earlier posts were a bit light on the visuals.

4: Rift: cleric builds

An ealier Rift post where I ruminated on the cleric builds I was playing at the time. Lots of pictures and some discussion of skills and build choice, but not anything approaching a guide or comprehensive review.

3: Public events in Eden Eternal

One of the posts from my brief flirtation with this cutest of cutesy MMORPGs. It was a fun game and I was rather enamoroured with the public quest content, but I drifted away from the grindy nature of the game and found my account locked due to lack of “financial activity” so waved it goodbye for good. It has remained one of the most popular posts I ever did, despite the lack of content for this game since.

2: Sword Coast Adventures

Oh how much I loved the Sword Coast Adventures web portal mini-game for Neverwinter. Like the Foundry user generated adventure system, Cryptic/PWE have very sadly slowly stripped away the most innovative and fun aspects of the game, leaving only the very solid but fairly standard MMO combat against monsters (or players) core. SCA was a great web-based activity, a really good way of keeping involved in the game when not at your PC (or console), but one that was doomed to the usual reason we can’t have nice things – cheaters and bots hacking the system to extract in-game currencies.

1: Connected realms and server merges

An short news-y WoW post about the introduction of the connected realms feature to the game to allow for easier grouping across servers for group content. Short and to the point.

What’s in a statistic?

I do not write the blog for the viewer numbers – I write about whatever I’m playing at the time or any MMORPG industry news that piques my interest. It’s quite likely that some of these posts happen to have, unwittingly, caught a particular zeitgeist and’s generally strong Google rankings did the rest.

Numbers 1 and 5 certainly look like they’d match this explanation. The Sword Coast Adventures post is a bit nicher, it was an entirely ignorable mini-game after all. But then perhaps Neverwinter was peaking at that time so naturally the interest in this sub-feature was also higher? People are always searching for class builds, so I imagine number 4 has just accumulated a lot of views over the years since it’s covering a specific class in a specific MMO. Number 3 has always puzzled me though; just what is so popular, or at least enticing enough to cause people to click the search result to at least load that post, I’ll probably never know.

Of course the blog never forgets (or at least rarely). I actually wrote about a similar subject, search engines and blogpost popularity, back in January of this year. That seems an aeon ago already due to the current crisis, but my thoughts at the time and the comments concur that Google and the relative scarcity of blog content for a majority of MMORPGs may well explain this ideocyncratic list.



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