Blapril Developer/Creator Appreciation Week #Blapril2020

As with Blaugust last year, this year’s Blapril event has a Developer/Creator Appreciation Week themed week. Today’s the last day of said week, but I’m just in time to get my post in on this topic. There are so many creatives and developers behind all the games that I enjoy, that it can be difficult to narrow down which individual or team I should be highlighting. If I just have a look at my own browser, Youtube and document histories I can easily see which tabletop and MMORPG topics have been occupy my free time. My entries from 2019 covering tabletop and 2017 focused on MMOs still both have relevance, but this week should be a platform to share the love to new quarters.

The slight increase in my free time (I’m still working 80% full time) has brought a lot more writing to my week, but also more reading and watching/listening to content creators. Here are some other content creators that, although not necessarily new, I do appreciate for the content they are producing.

Terry K Amthor, Shadow World (Rolemaster)
I’ve been a fan of the Shadow World (a k a Kulthea) high fantasy setting for the Rolemaster tabletop rpg since the late 1980s. It’s a very rich and detailed fantasy world with elements of Sci Fi and fantasy horror. There is a grandeur to the scope of the world – so many varied and interesting places to explore, complex political conflicts and secret organisations as allies or foes. Rolemaster itself is a system I always wishes I had more time to run, although I mainly DM Dungeons & Dragons, I am hoping in the futureĀ  to be able to branch out again into other systems, and I’m long overdue running Rolemaster once more. For me at least, the Rolemaster system and Shadow World are the perfect match of setting and ruleset.

Darkpaw Games (was Daybreak Games), Everquest 2
I’ll give the credit just to the team here as there’s obviously far too many developers for me to name them all fairly. Everquest 2 has been the most constant game that I’ve been playing for quite some time now. It’s not necessarily the game I spend the most time in from week to week, sometimes I just log in for an hour here and there to do Overseer missions and knock out the daily login tasks, but it is rare for me to go more than a few days without logging in at all.

The game’s quest writing is so charming, and there is so much to do, more than I could ever find time for, in all probability. I’ve written plenty about the game on this site. Bhagpuss has written about his overall positive feelings regarding the game’s more recent development direction. Watching a recent edition of the Everquest show (a really great fan show by the way), I too felt the positive vibes for the franchise’s future.

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