Highs and lows #Blapril2020

We live in very strange times. I mostly keep my blog impersonal and light in tone for the reason that I prefer to read positive and entertaining blog posts, but its hard to ignore the reality of the COVID-19 situation entirely all of the time. I’ve had to seriously limit the amount of news I read/watch/listen to and filter my Twitter feed even more carefully of late.


I had a particularly long weekend due to Easter, and celebrated (commiserated?) getting a year older too. It’s hard to say celebrated when so much of normal life is curtailed; no meeting friends for drinks at a pub, no going for an Italian or Japanese meal at a restaurant. I couldn’t even go to a coffee shop for a cappucino and slice of cake. So the reality of just being at home, all of the time, is kind of a low. Over the weekend it didn’t hit me particularly as I was rather busy, but now most of the way through the working from home week, I’m really getting a dose of cabin fever. I normally do quite a lot of racing around, and go for walks most lunchtimes. Although one walk a day is allowed in the current lockdown government rules, we’ve no PPE equipment to wear and most locals where I live seem rather blasé about wearing it themselves or keeping any semblance of social distancing.

Watching neighbourhood cats in our garden is a tonic

Even trying to buy food is such a pain now, queuing for at least 30-40 mins outside the supermarket trying to keep distant from others but then, when in the store, it becomes quickly impossible to do the same as the ailes aren’t wide enough. It seems impossible to get delivery slots with any supermarket chain as they are all booked for weeks in advance, we’re not a priority customer (e.g. over 60) and have never used such a service in the past.


That all said, I did enjoy my birthday because of gaming and cake.  My husband baked a delicious orange sponge cake. We played a 4 hour Dungeons & Dragons session, I’ve just started running my second (as yet unpublished) Eberron module with a group of three friends. It’s a particular thrill to run something you have written yourself. Up until recently I’ve mostly run published modules, with some tweaks or improvs of my own.

We’re managing to find more enough opportunities for MMORPG gaming too. We’re about to enter Ravenloft in Dungeons & Dragons Online for the first time as a trio, having dinged level 10 over the weekend. Very excited to be exploring this particular module.

The weekend saw a good mix of party-sync’ed World of Warcraft Retail dungeon runs to play new allied race characters, and some WoW Classic dungeon runs, limited mostly by rested XP running out.

Stay safe, look after yourselves. Happy gaming everyone.

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  1. kiantremayne says:

    Congratulations on the birthday – I likewise turned a year older in early April, and had to settle for Tesco’s version of a Chinese meal with the family and a virtual toast on Skype from some friends. Oh, and I had a nice letter from an insurance company congratulating me on my birthday and offering me their over 50#s life cover – bastards 🙂

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