Easter MMORPG news #Blapril2020

This weekend has seen a couple of announcements for two MMORPGs that I am playing regularly at the moment.

Neverwinter, Free Rank 15 Enchantment

Firstly I was taken by surprise Thursday evening to see that for the next week any player can go to the Rewards Claim Agent NPC up top of Protector’s Enclave to claim a Rank 15 Enchantment of their choice. The highest my main or any character has so far is a Rank 9, we’re rather casual players of Neverwinter, so this is a substantial upgrade.

I decided to go with the Radiant Enchantment in the end as two out of the three bonuses it can give (based on the slot type it’s inserted into) seem appropriate to my Cleric; namely extra hit points or power.

It’s a once per account reward, so choose which character receives it carefully!

Everquest 2, GU 114

The other news released yesterday is about the latest upcoming patch to Everquest 2. On Tuesday 14 April, GU 114 (i.e. patch) will come to the game bringing with it “Showdown at the Diaku Corral”. It appears Luclin based adventurers will be “heading out west” in the next update.

A new mount for my main, perhaps?

One of the three zones is solo, though I’m not sure if my characters will fit the definition of what is soloable since I’ve not be grinding gear in public quests or anything else of late. There will be Overseer Season 2 added however, and that will be of interest. There’s also a gift for players in the form of the Great Escape Crate mentioned, which includes a mount, familiar and bag. A generous little (post-)Easter treat it seems!




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