Blogging topics #Blapril2020

This week is Topic Brainstorming Week in the Blapril 2020 event. It’s intended for us to share topic ideas with other bloggers. For this post I’ll recap some of the broad categories of post that I tend to write on this blog.

Gaming diary posts
One of my favourite types of post to write, and importantly to read on other blogs, are gaming diary posts. I just happen to like writing and reading about actual MMORPG sessions. Places visited, dungeons conquered, witty observations of the game or the other players: it’s all good content. If you play more than one MMORPG, as I do, such posts can be nearly endless in scope.

Compare and contrast
I enjoy writing comparative posts; because I play multiple MMORPGs at a time I find often that I am comparing a system, aspect of the setting or gameplay mechanic between two or more games. I find them fun to write and gather details for, a mini research project, if you will.

Gaming industry posts
Although I’m far from being a pro games journalist, I have taken an active interest in the MMORPG industry for nigh on 15 years now. I’ve been writing about games in the genre for 11 years. I read MMORPG news sites regularly, notably Massively OP, and sometimes their posts inspire me to write one of my own. I also get direct emails from certain publishers about their games, and again that might inspire me to write a news-style post. These posts can be a commentary on industry trends, a reaction to news about a specific game or a (brief) analysis of trends I observe.

Picture posts
Whether it’s a ‘listicle‘ style “Top 10 X” or “Best 5 Y” post, or just a selection of my favourite screenshots, picture posts can be a very good filler post for days when you lack the inspiration or the time to post anything more wordy or thoughtful. That’s not to say they’re a cop out – usually when I do one it’s a response post to a community event or challenge, and finding those screenshots can be a lot of work!

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  1. odell01 says:

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