Podcasts & Youtubers I follow regularly #Blapril2020

I’ve written before about the Podcasts that I try to listen to regularly, mainly relating to tabletop roleplaying games. Those mentioned in the linked post still stand, though I’d add a few new podcasts that I find particularly enjoyable.

We Speak Common

I really enjoy the insightful discussions this pair of UK-based D&D Dungeonmasters bring to the hobby. Lots of advice about the craft of running the game and good humour besides.


These are long episodes so I don’t always manage to keep up with them, but the two regular hosts, Greg & Shelly, are very entertaining to listen to, plus as an official podcast they get a really great selection of guests for their various segments.

Beyond podcasts, I also spend some time watching various Youtubers who talk about tabletop gaming topics:

Seth Skorkowsky

This Youtuber and author produces detailed video reviews of tabletop rpg modules, mostly for Call of Cthulhu and Traveller. The videos are so well made, and he is so engaging a speaker that I have found myself watching many of these videos despite owning neither of the two main systems he talks about. Well worth watching some of them, his ‘NPC’ interjections are a great device.

Puffin Forest

Combine short and witty tabletop anecdotes with charming animations of the feature characters adventures and you have, in my mind, a winning formula. These videos are really great!

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