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Massively have a post from the 26 March discussing hoarding in MMORPGs. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about since as I have various inventory management troubles in different games that I play. This post isn’t about organising items though, it’s about what I keep and why. I’m not a “lost cause” hoarder by nature, if I do keep things a long time it’s usually because of forgetfulness. I have no problem with getting rid of things normally.

No comment…

But in MMORPGs there are certain types of items that I tend to keep way past their usefulness, hence this list:

1) Crafting materials

I generally enjoy crafting in most MMORPGs at least to dabble. I like my characters to have a measure of self-sufficiency at least at the ‘account’ level. That is to say I’d only have one alchemist in a given game who can supply all my characters with some healing potions if they’re needed. Likewise a chef for buff food or recovery snacks purposes.

So I find it pretty difficult to get rid of crafting materials on a whim just to free up space in my inventory or bank. It’s even worse with older or lower ‘tier’ materials. The problem being that I can’t craft consumable items, armour or weapons of an appropriate level if I don’t have the materials to hand, can I?

2) Housing items

Although I’m not that much of a decorator, I do love housing in MMORPGs as a “display case” for my characters past adventures. That aspect in particular makes me really enjoy all the weird and wonderful rewards that games like Everquest 2 gives you as you play.

Definitely more of a collector than a decorator…

Why I need to keep every single housing item on every single character is a bit beyond me to explain. Just how many copies of a given book, identical chairs or wall decorations does one really need?

3) Clickies / trinkets

Some MMORPGs have some pretty wonderful or memorable items that you can use to give your character a temporary benefit or bonus. Some of the items on my World of Warcraft account are too precious to me to ever discard even if they’re functionally useless.

Items like the Everlasting Underspore Frond is such a cherished item, even if it ceased to be useful after the Wrath of the Lich King era due to stat inflation since. Such trinkets have nostalgia value to them if nothing else.

4) Fashion / transmog

The most common reason I hear or read from others to keep items long term is for fashion. Actually this is one area that redeems me from being a total “lost cause” hoarder. I have zero interest in keeping old gear for appearance sake. Whether a game calls it wardrobe, appearance or transmogrification, I am simply not motivated in keeping old gear.

A practical choice

The only exception to this are is the purely pragmatic account bound gear that I can pass down to alts for levelling equipment, like the inheritance armour in World of Warcraft.

Do you keep items in MMORPGs longer than they are necessary, and if so, why?

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    My point of view is that storage is there to be used. If a game gives me spaces, I will fill them. It certainly takes a lot longer to sort through stuff and decide what’s worth keeping than it does to just shove it all in yet another box and forget about it. EQII in particular offers such an astounding amount of storage it seems pointless to throw anything away.

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