Blapril content showers #Blapril2020

Starting next weekend, the blogosphere will be replete with content again, though earlier than usual as it’s normally a (bl)August community event that brings a deluge of good reading to my Feedly feed. Weirdly, with the self-isolation currently in effect here, as in so many countries, I’m finding less time to read blogs than I normally would. Not that the drastic change in schedule has stopped me from writing posts, I’ve felt more motivated/inspired off late than ever.

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The reduction in reading is mainly down to my routine of commuting and coffee-shop lunch breaks having been disrupted. Now that I’m at home and with my husband all day long I find a lot less time for casual reading. I’ve been making more of a concerted effort for ttrpg writing, particularly editing a second full module for DMs Guild, so I’ve been rather remiss on reading blogs of late.

Cue a well-timed community event to give me the necessary jolt to get back engaged and reading! Belghast has the event post up and a follow-up on participants. With this post I’ll be throwing my name into the hat (via the sign-up form), since I intended to be blogging anyway, I might as well be joining in! Blapril content showers are forecast…


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