Another generous game company #NeverwinterGame

I found out just now about a rather generous free offer from Neverwinter’s Perfect World, if you log into your character by April 2 you can get a “fast track pack”. This is an account level offer from the reward claims agent at the top of Protector’s Enclave: you can only claim the pack on one character per account.

Opening this caused an explosion of items into my bag space, cue moment of panic that I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon trying to free up some handspace…

Thankfully a Bag of Holding is one of the gifted items, which really helped to boost my main’s free space.

There’s also a blue quality giant spider mount. A good mount to add to someone’s stable as it has three slots for insignias, but there’s no chance this arachnaphobe will be using that as a regular equipped mount.

Speaking of which there were also three purple quality insignias to choose and a load of consumables. A really generous and nicely timed gift from Perfect World! My thanks to the devs for this!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Oh thanks for the heads up. I’d dropped out of the habit of lgging into Neverwinter (been playing Divinity OS2 instead) but I’ll log in for freebies!

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