Sentimental character actions

Some days, when I have other gaming plans, I log into Everquest 2 for a really short session just to check on Overseer missions, check my broker sales, the usual character ‘admin’ type stuff. But I rarely if ever forget to cast summon Food & Water. It’s not like he needs mana or health regen sat in New Halas’ mind, but it feels wrong to play even a few minutes on him without giving him some sustenance. He can conjure it in endless supply so it’s not wasting money to do so.

Rubbish food but its free, right?

On a similar vein, I feel bad if I play my main in Neverwinter without invoking to the gods at least once on every other character of appropriate level. It’s a couple of minutes to switch between them, but at least they’ve gotten something out of my gameplay session.

Always time for a quick prayer

When playing my World of Warcraft characters I feel like they should have a food buff running at all times, not because they need one particularly but because it’s remiss of me not to have all the available buffs going. That’d be a waste in some players minds perhaps, buffs should be saved for the right situations, but to me it’s also about my characters and their little familiar rituals.

Spot the food buff!

Such habits are game and situation specific, I do not generally worry about food buffs in WoW Classic because our guild isn’t that big on cooking and so we do not have them to spare. In WoW Retail one of my main’s has been a cook for years, and in Battle for Azeroth I invested time in this skill to a point where I have more than enough stacks of 20 food to pass around all my characters.

Do you have any sentimental actions or habits with your MMO characters?

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2 Responses to Sentimental character actions

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I try never to leave anyone standing in direct sunlight when I log off. Don’t want anyone getting sunstroke. I also try to get them under cover or in a pleasant spot. If they’re in a wintery zone I always find a fire or a warm building to log out.

    Oddly, I completely ignore the food and drink messages except as they affect combat. Maybe I should do something about that.

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