A generous game company offer

Given the current context, it gladdens my heart to read that Standing Stone Games has announced they are making all content freely accessible for Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online available to all players through 30 April. That’s a really nice gesture of generosity in these troubled times. It’s a boon for the many players who suddenly find themselves isolated or with unexpected gaming time, time where they might prefer to go out but cannot. MMORPGs do offer the chance for social contact while we game. I’ve always stayed in touch with friends through the games in this genre, but at the moment I feel it’s even more important.

I have a lifetime sub for LOTRO so it doesn’t affect that game particularly, but for Dungeons & Dragons Online it unlocks a vast amount of potential content for our levelling trio. This could really help us to work towards reaching Ravenloft on our static characters.

There are always other distractions for me as a gamer and blogger, but I wanted to make a quick post to state the value of this move by SSG to me and two friends, the chance to experience some new and exciting adventures together. Thank you SSG!

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