Hunter life..

I’ve been playing quite a lot of my Hunter in WoW Classic in recent sessions. It’s a fun class to play. The class has some interesting signature abilities, not least a good measure of survivability, I recently dinged level 30 and got Feign Death. On the very next run it proved rather useful when a bug caused the lower corridor’s worth of monsters to charge at us for no apparent reason.

Radioactive reset train

For the most part gameplay is pretty simple, I have a macro setup to combine placing Hunter’s Mark on a target with commanding my pet boar to attack. There’s none of the reactive gameplay common in more modern WoW: for a lot of Gnomeregan I’ve only a couple of buttons to hit as the prevalence of poison immunity limits the useful skills I have to cast even more.

Not so many abilities

As mentioned already the class does have some great utility abilities to make for more interesting choices. Traps are a welcome addition, though in Classic their use is rather hampered by being only out-of-combat actions.

Frost trap trapped

Disengage is another important skill: a means to reduce aggro if something peels off from the tank onto my character. It seems rather less useful than the more modern version, which includes a backwards jump. It also requires a faux melee attack on the target – no damage is done but it can miss!

In Classic it is a class that has a measure of ‘admin’. My Night Elf is an engineer so she’s self-sufficient for ammunition for her gun. Since there’s no profession for making arrows, that does mean she’s using guns only – no stereotypical bows for her. Pets need feeding .. a lot. I’ve mostly kept a boar as her main pet since they’re omnivorous, it helps that I can feed it just about anything.

Overall Hunter is a fun class to play and, even in Classic, can really help to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in a well coordinated group.

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2 Responses to Hunter life..

  1. We had that same “everybody in the corridor shows up” issue on one of our Gnomer runs as well.

    Ula even has it in her video. I think you can see the same big green blur.

    I wonder if there is something specific that causes it to happen?

    I kind of wish I had a hunter in our group, though being the tank is a new thing for me.

    • Telwyn says:

      We thought it might have been a bug where consecrate somehow spread down the wall to the lower level – couldn’t see anything in the panic, but it was the only area effect we were using.

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