Weird and wonderful locales

Neverwinter’s zone design is seriously impressing me as a play through Undermountain’s Module 16 and beyond. It’s not the newest content, but I’m used to being behind in all the games I play, and I’m duo’ing so we’ve made good progress. I’d written recently about some of the fanciful fantasy creatures we’ve met recently. I’m happy to say the locales are as varied and imaginative as the opponents.

There’s the beautiful forested landscape of Wyllowwood, a cavern with a magically engineered environment complete with illusory sky and clouds. It’s a rather pleasant zone to race around, in stark contrast to the dingier caves and catacombs that precede it.

Then there’s the expansive, fiery landscape of Terminus, home to dark dwarves and demons alike. It’s a zone that is equal parts infernal and industrial in architecture.

In the last zone of Vanrakdoom, the landscape takes a wondrous turn, with glowing spheres and abandoned ruins in this giant cavern setting. The most impressive aspect of this zone are the pockets of Shadowfell that overlap with the zone.

Bubble of Shadowfell on right

Crossing in and out of these bubbles is visually rather striking and makes for eerie fights and tougher hunts for usually sparkling quest items.

Perhaps the weirdest thing I’ve seen in game so far are the twisted corridors of some of the expeditions we’ve done as we progressed through the levels. Seeing everything twisted on its side was quite the surprise the first time.

Halaster really is the ‘Mad’ Mage

There’s quite an extra dimension to exploring when floors can be walls and doors lead downwards not onwards..

When a wall is the floor

Onwards to more weird and wonderful locales!

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