Conjured food and drink

Although I’m sure it doesn’t taste that great, and the lack of variety could get on my modern-sensibility nerves, in MMORPGs I do enjoy playing with classes and items that can conjure food and/or drink. I suppose it’s less of a thing in most modern games, as your character having to equip food and drink is a distinctly old-school mechanism. It seems I’m spending a good amount of my gaming time in old-school games at the moment, so it’s a mechanic I’ve encountered more of late.

In Everquest 2, my main is an Inquisitor (a type of Priest) and as such can summon food and water. Sounds a bit unappetising, but needs must and all that. It saves him ever having to obtain normal sustenance, though I suppose that’s self-defeating in that it’s never encouraged me to get on with levelling my provisioning (a k a cooking) alt…


In World of Warcraft Classic, we have a Mage in our main dungeon group. This means all our food and drink requirements are met automagically. And, boy, do you have to take mana breaks often in this version of the game.

Instead of relying on a friendly Mage, there are also a few items that can conjure food or drink of some kind in game. My Hunter has a staff that can conjure muffins. That’s pretty handy for her as her boar pet is not at all fussy about she feeds it to keep it happy.

The other old-school game that I’ve been playing of late is Dungeons & Dragons Online. True to form, your characters definitely need sustenance – though only when recovering from an untimely death in the tavern nearest the current dungeon. In this case none of our trio group have a spell to conjure food & drink. I’ve read that Druids have goodberry, but I’ve not played that class enough to vouch for this.

Who could resist a ‘dirty kobold’?

*Must resist urge to play another alt*…

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  1. Shintar says:

    I didn’t know about that staff in Classic, what a neat item!

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