First rules supplement, the Signalleer

Similar to my first published module, I’ve published today my first ever D&D rules supplement. The Signalleer is a class option for the 5E ranger, by default, as an Eberron archetype with abilities and equipment themed on a magical signal flare gun.

This was real fun to write for, especially coming up with the different thematic variants for alternative takes on the archetype for Eberron, the Forgotten Realms and even Ravenloft. I like to base any rules that I create in a solid lore setting. Eberron is my favourite D&D campaign to date, but I recognised in writing this, that players and dungeonmasters have their own favourites too!

The biggest challenge wasn’t the layout this time, I learned enough the last time to have some shortcuts. The biggest issue was unlearning all the old 3.5 terminology I still use, if I’m not careful, when talking about D&D. I had some help from the RPGWriter community Discord for this, having outside perspectives on writing for the newest ruleset really helped. Now that’s out there, I can crack on with the second adventure in the series – no rest for the wicked!

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