Dungeon levelling and summon-alts #WoWClassic

We’re carrying on with our Classic World of Warcraft character levelling, almost exclusively via dungeons. The only quests I’ve made time for since we got high enough to start the dungeons has been Paladin class quests.

We’re stuck in a bit of a ‘dry’ patch at the moment, as we’ve got Scarlet Monastery wings as the only option in our level range to run. They’re all rather repetitive and linear compared to earlier dungeons (e.g. Shadowfang Keep, Wailing Caverns) or later ones (e.g. Razorfen Downs, Uldaman). Maybe I’m just not a fan of this particular place as there are several pretty iconic items as boss-drops and that meant it was heavily farmed back in the day. I had several plate characters wearing that helmet from Herod, for example.

Classic has issues with just how wide the level range are for many dungeons (~10 levels according to this list). It’s not an across the board problem, but Scarlet Monastery has overlapping level ranges and brutal trash mob mechanics to deal with (lots of stuns, mana burns and the odd enrage mechanic). It can make runs on subsequent wings a real slog.

Enrage mechanic = furious heal spam time

We’re already bored with Graveyard and Library, it doesn’t help that the trash respawns so very quickly – you have to fight your way in and back out again. That combines with the long journey time for Alliance characters to even get here, to make multiple wing runs impractical. The only solution when most of the relatively short yet densely populated Library, or Armory, has already respawned is to run for the entrance (Paladin bubble for the win!) or just accept death and corpse run back to the dungeon cluster.

Starting another run

Going back to train, vendor or repair means hearthstoning and then the long flight *and* run back to the instance. Oh, and make sure you don’t get PVP flagged near Undercity or ganked by high level spiders in Western Plaguelands (depending on the route chosen).

I do like the design of these dungeons, but compared to other MMORPGs that I’ve played there’s a distinct lack of anything to interact with – lots of window-dressing but not much to do beyond smack evil creatures.

All will be easier when we get to a new dungeon or two, fighting an endless wave of Scarlet Crusaders gets old. For now though we’ve come up with a workaround to allow for more freedom to go craft or train, and to cut down on the lost 30 mins or so due to flight time. We now have a friend’s Warlock alt, plus two level 1 “summoners” in place by the useless meeting stone on the path leading to the Monastery. With this trio parked semi-permanently here, they can summon any of our active characters to the dungeon-cluster as needed. Hopefully it’ll ease one very annoying aspect of running these dungeons!

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