Happy New Year (and new decade)!

So it’s 2020 and a new decade. Happy New Year, and happy 2020s! Allusions to the roaring 20s aside (anyone who knows history, knows how that ended), I’m feeling more hopeful about the coming year in real life than I have for quite a while.

Here’s hoping for a double crit year ahead…

This optimism is not because things are improving in my country or work life, but because my husband and I seriously looking at a move across the ‘pond’ to North America (very likely Toronto). There’s a bunch of red tape to such a move, and the small matter of me finding a job there, but I’m optimistic.

Beyond this big personal news, I suspect my gaming priorities will shift somewhat next year again, though not radically. We did two sessions of Dungeons & Dragons over the holidays and I’m hoping we can keep some momentum on that via Fantasy Grounds in January. We managed to get some board gaming time in as well, something we’ve always enjoyed as a couple. The next few days surrounding New Year see us with visitors and I would hope we’ll have played a good amount of time playing Santorini (I got this for Christmas), Mysterium and maybe some of the Legend of Drizzt board-game we received last year (a 4E D&D board game). The pub we visited in Toronto in the linked post above, Storm Crow Manor, would almost certainly become a regular haunt for us if we moved there as it’s the perfect venue for social board gaming – a hobby I’d like to spend more time on in the coming year.

I have ideas for more Dungeons & Dragons/Eberron writing that I’ll be starting early in the New Year, with the aim being to publish a second module and maybe a thematically appropriate rules supplement soon.

In the MMORPG sphere I’ve made more progress on unlocking the Luclin expansion in Everquest 2 despite lacking online gaming time this last week and a half, I’ll have more to write on that front soon.

World of Warcraft will still be a part of my rotation of games for the foreseeable future as we’re playing in static dungeon group in WoW Classic, and the 8.3 patch in January will bring more story to the live game.

Enjoy all the gaming 2020 can bring you!


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