Common monsters in MMORPGs #IntPiPoMo 2019

Here’s another in my schedule International Picture Posting Month posts showing off some more of the many screenshots I’ve collected while playing MMORPGs.

Kobolds, Dungeons & Dragons Online

They may lack candles, but these little lizard rascals are very, very common in the early levels of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Bears, World or Warcraft

Although World of Warcraft was satirised for the amount of boars you have to kill in an old episode of South Park, I’d argue there are just as many varieties of aggressive bear if not more.

Battle droid, Star Wars the Old Republic

Droids of one variety of another are very common enemies in SWTOR, which is not a negative judgement as they come in a lot more shapes and sizes than say bears.

Undead, Guild Wars 2

The last expansion of Guild Wars 2 focused heavily on undead, very heavily to the point I got rather bored with their standard attacks and debuffs.

Planar creatures, Everquest 2

Everquest 2 has a very varied palette of monsters, but elemental or planar opponents are common I would say in many zones. Although this picture is from the most recent expansion which is planar focused, my favourite starter zone (Frostfang Sea) has ice elemental motes and rolling animate stones so you do not have to travel far in Norrath to find these types of creatures.

Orckind, Lord of the Rings Online

Many MMOs have orcs and similar monsters as inspired by Tolkien’s works. But LOTRO as the game most closely modelled on those novels really does take orckind to heart as a core, almost omnipresent threat to the civilised peoples of Middle Earth.

Daedra, Elder Scrolls Online

Demonic foes in ESO are called Daedra but they share many traits with the Burning Legion in World of Warcraft of abyssal forces in Dungeons & Dragons. Although this game focuses a lot on humanoid opponents (other factions, bandits and cultists), the Daedra are always there in the background manipulating and corrupting events.

Count for IntPiPoMo 46/50.

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