Warmer climes #IntPiPoMo 2019

This second post in the my planned list of IntPiPoMo thematic posts reflects my utter dislike for the cold weather of late. It’s like the country dove head-first from late summer weather into full on winter overnight. Here’s some slightly random screenshots from the warmer zones of the MMORPGs that I play as a reminder of more clement weather.

The Sinking Sands, Everquest 2

I visited this desert-like zone recently for the Days of Summer event. It’s a full on desert with sand dunes and rocky badlands, but there are some oases as well that look rather pleasant to rest in.

Lone-lands, Lord of the Rings Online

Compared to the lush Shire or Bree-land, the Lone-lands as a zone seems a bit drier. It’s certainly very sunny there at least in the western half. I’ve ridden around there a lot in more recent sessions and the landscape reminds me of the warmer parts of the lands bordering the Mediterranean sea; something I view as a big positive.

Rakata Prime, Star Wars the Old Republic

We ran the intro instances for the Shadow of Revan expansion recently, one of which takes place on the planet Rakata Prime. If you ignore the danger posed by the events unfolding there, the planet does seem to have some lovely beaches and tropical island-style trees.

Velia coastline, Black Desert Online

Velia has a gorgeous coastline, beautiful azure waters and bright blue skies. Again very reminiscent of the Meditteranean.

Gladewatch Outpost, Dungeons & Dragons Online

The setting of much of the outdoor zones for Dungeons & Dragons Online’s lower level content is the tropical forests surrounding the city of Stormreach. These jungle-like areas are lush, alternating between bright sunshine and cool shade.

La Noscea coastline, Final Fantasy 14

Many areas of the Final Fantasy Reborn world are warm and sunny, but the La Noscea coastline is particularly appealing with it’s beaches and bright blue skies.

Count for IntPiPoMo 23/50.

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