Dragon Attack! #EQ2

Last night I snuck in a quick few rounds of the new Dragon Attack! event in Everquest 2. As usual with such public events getting involved is a simple matter, just jump on the server public chat channel and you’ll see people calling when the zone announcements come up for a particular dragon’s pending arrival.

Dragon fight event on the zone map

I imagine these dragon fights show off some standard dragon tactics from raids in the game but I’ve no experience of large-scale fights like this. As you would expect being in the dragon’s breath or tail-swipes can hurt – though with so many characters throwing out buffs and heals it seems not too deadly. I received a random group invite while waiting on my first so was no doubt getting some beneficial effects from others in the group.

Playing a healer (Inquisitor) I did find myself focusing quite a bit on topping up health and dispelling debuffs, perhaps more than was strictly necessary but muscle memory from other games quickly takes over.

The loot so far seems varied and generous. I have several different mount saddles (equipment for mounts), one with combat stats and two others with different crafting buffs – looks like I might need to have an adventuring mount and a crafting mount for easy switching?  There’s also a plethora of crafting mats, dragon’s blood and the like, which I’ll need to do some wiki searching to learn more about.

DPS saddle item

There’s also the usual annual Heroes Festival going on with the puppet boss battles as another public event. I suspect the dragon’s may take some of the attention away from these pacifistic boss battles this year, but perhaps there’ll be time for some of them too after the new-shine has worn off the dragons. It’s rather nice to have choices and very easy content to jump in on even if only for 30 minutes or so.

Count for IntPiPoMo 17/50.

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2 Responses to Dragon Attack! #EQ2

  1. bhagpuss says:

    The mats you gather from the dragons are for the tradeskill half of the same event. There are big camps in Commonlands and Antonica (CL is just above the dock with the world bell, Ant is out on the coast past the beetle mounds on the way to the Oracle Tower) where you can craft items to help with the construction of what will be permanent statues commemorating the 15th anniversary. It’s a communal, server-wide event. The vendor for the event is there too.

    I think the Dragon Attack event is one of the best they’ve done for a while, even given the general high standard of EQ2 events. The rewards are excellent too – I got a 108 Master spell the other night and those are worth a fortune.

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for the tips. I got my first master spell (for a class I don’t play) in a more recent session, here’s hoping it sells for a good chunk of plat 🙂

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