Everquest 2 at fifteen #EQ2

If I go by the European release date according to the Wikipedia page, Everquest 2 turned fifteen, today, 11 November 2019. That’s a pretty big milestone for a MMORPG and not one that many have reached, especially as games still in active development.

My first ever post on Everquest 2 on this blog dates back to May 2011 where I was gushing about the featureset of this already venerable MMO, a sentiment I still agree with today. Any MMO that has language skills, ammunition, deep crafting and amazing housing among many other features is worthy of my praise, both past and present.

According to my main character’s /played info he was created on 20 August 2010; since he was my first ever character in the game that must be when I started playing. The game was almost six years old at that point and it had just taken the first steps into the free-to-play payment model. It’s a model that evokes very mixed reactions from MMORPG players, but in this case at least it introduced me to a game I might otherwise never have tried. Here I am still playing in Norrath (as a regular subscriber to boot).

Here’s to a rosy future for Norrath 2.0! Happy Birthday Everquest 2!

Count for IntPiPoMo 13/50.

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