Thankfull for the All-in-one MMORPG

After coming back from working a gruelling four-day weekend (circa 42 hours worked), I’m now battling a dose of cold/flu and have found myself rather listless when I’m not at work. Motivation to play anything seems lower than usual,  I guess because my ability to concentrate has taken  a hit. I imagine it’s not a unique situation for me as that’s just the kind of work I do a couple of times a year. After being on it every waking moment and having to be social a majority of that time with colleagues and clients, I am really glad that the MMORPG genre is broad enough to cope with me occasionally needing something rather different in my gaming leisure time.

So far this week, other than watching some classic TV series rather at random (including some ST: Voyager and ST: Deep Space Nine episodes), I’ve mostly just sat tinkering in Everquest 2. I think it’s fair to say of all the MMORPGs that I have played regularly it offers the broadest pallet of possible activities.

I’ve been so listless that any thought of questing was out the window earlier in the week, I wanted something to do to avoid just falling to sleep way too early in the evening, so I chose to fly around Doomfist and do some gathering for the daily login activity. That plus killing some locals was enough for that familiar fanfare notification.

Last night I felt good enough to actually do some quest text reading, so I again jumped over to Doomfire but this time to continue the expansion quest chain a bit. I only managed two quests in the end (although in EQ2 a quest can often ba chain of smaller tasks so that’s not directly comparable with more modern games). Still I occupied a good couple of hours flying around the starkly beautiful zone and I even thought to add map markers for all the named areas I flew over. This like other recent expansions blocks map add-ons from showing all the secrets of a zone, so it’s up to myself to add markers if I want to remember where the Scorch Steppes or Molten Crossroads are.

It was just the ticket for a slow evening, and there are many other things I could be doing besides – gathering, crafting, I may even give the expansion pre-event a proper look. We are in IntPiPoMo month, so although this isn’t a proper event post, I’ll start off my counter with these EQ2 pics: IntPiPoMo 3/50.

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3 Responses to Thankfull for the All-in-one MMORPG

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Chaos Descending was the first expansion for many years where I found myself adding markers to my maps. It was really helpful and made me wonder why I don’t do it more often.

    • Telwyn says:

      It’s actually a rare feature than you would think. Map-making in RPGs is a widespread trope, but in MMORPGs at least I can’t think of other examples that let you add to a map yourself.

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