IntPiPoMo 2019

It’s International Picture Posting Month time again, so time for me to start my November screenshot posting fest. Chestnut has a blog post with a guide to this blogosphere event and its 2019 logo.

IntPiPoMo2019 logo

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This annual event allows me to indulge in some thematic screenshot selection posting, I always enjoy the time spent hunting through old screenshots for something to include from the variety of MMORPGs that I play.

I’ll contribute the usual five posts of ten images over the coming weeks. My current idea for themes is listed below in case they inspire any fellow bloggers in need of a theme or two.

  1. Cities in MMORPGs
  2. Warmer climes
  3. Ruins
  4. Common monsters
  5. Gaming moments 2019

Here’s to a happy month of picture posting!

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