TV/film gaming inspirations abound

By chance last weekend I ended up watching both Blade Runner movies over the weekend. Watching the newer 2049 film because it caught my eye on Netflix, I then had to watch the original 80s film just to remind myself of the earlier trope defining film. I enjoyed both but was left afterwards with a conflicting desire to either run some Shadowrun tabletop RPG ASAP, or to at least play a cyberpunk game – sadly there are no live MMORPGs to scratch that particular itch. Cyberpunk 2077 will be a RPG that could well be a winner but then that doesn’t release till April by which time I’ll no doubt have forgotten about this post.

In the meantime I fully expect to be back playing Star Wars the Old Republic after I’ve seen Star Wars Episode IX in December. That’s a well established pattern, a good blockbuster film always gets me in the mood for related MMORPGs. With the new Onslaught expansion just launched, and some recent progress on our Imperial levelling trio, I’ll be happy to return to the game soon.

I’ve also recently watched a couple of random, but cherished episodes of Star Trek Next Generation of late, and have just found out about the second trailer for the forthcoming Picard series. That latter series has my interest even more than Discovery or any of the more recent Trek properties because it’s smack back in the middle of the prime timeline AND it is moving that timeline forward for the first time in quite a while. So rather than diverging off in alternate realities or inserting stories into a known past, we’re going to see new stories in a pretty blank canvas. That’s pretty exciting, perhaps once I’ve gotten the chance to start watching the new series it’ll even get me logging back into Star Trek Online if there’s a tie-in?

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