Curating a playthrough for others #LOTRO

I prefer to play MMORPGs with friends or close family by choice, I’ve done a lot of soloing over the years mind, but usually enjoy questing more with others. Playing some Lord of the Rings Online with my husband I’m in an unusual situation where I know the content better than him; his highest character just dinged level 30. That’s quite the contrast with World or Warcraft where he has for many years played more than me and consistently levelled more alt characters through current content.

In that latter game I’m used to following his characters around in new expansions or zones since he usually gets to play more and earlier than I so knows the content somewhat already. When play time is limited (which it usually is for me) I’m more than happy to avoid too much running in circles.

I get so lost in Nazjatar on my own

In LOTRO the tables are turned and I know the content better so I’m the one taking choices on what to do and in what order. Often it seems the quests have a logic to them in terms of which quest overlaps with which other ones. Since returning to the game we’ve followed the Eglain’s various camps and settlements around the zone and done everything required at each. Simple enough.

Pointing the way

The complication comes with levelling speed in the live game and the epic story that gives a narrative path through the various zones. Our characters have just dinged level 30 and we’re about 80% of the way through the Lone Lands, with the Agarmaur still to do (and some important story there). Yet we’ve had some quests for levels now inviting us to go defeat evil to the north west in North Downs, and if I want him to experience all the epic quests we’ll need to take that detour before heading east again.  Bearing in mind the wiki states that North Downs is for levels 24-32 and that we have class quests to do up there beyond the epic book, and I’m starting to be concerned over just how much I should be curating the content to play versus what to skip.

Dinging 30, oops!

I’m sure if I look I could find a “fastest levelling path” guide or similar. I think what I need here though is an “essential quests not to miss” guide instead since I want his levelling experience to hit all the high notes among the voluminous but excellent story content in the game. A quick search while writing this didn’t provide an obvious list – what not to skip because of rewards exists, and a comparison of similar level zones, neither of which answers what I’m looking for. We’ll follow the epic quests path for sure, but I’d like to avoid skipping entire zones where possible.

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