Is area loot fixed? #SWTOR

A small but very welcome change to our moment-to-moment gameplay in Star Wars the Old Republic was noticeable since our leveling trio last played. Coming back to the game this week was a slightly-delayed chance to indulge the still-relatively-fresh joy I feel over having visited Galaxy’s Edge recently.

While playing I suddenly realised that area loot in group wasn’t the usual buggy mess that we’ve become so used to over the years. The last few times we’ve played invariably we would all need to loot everything since loot seemed to be created for the others when one or more of the group looted something – it meant we would often have to loot multiple times. You would loot one of the ‘light beams’ and they would all dutifully disappear, but then when a colleague looted some more might appear meaning doubling back a lot. I’m not sure if this is because of an actual bug-fix or if it just doesn’t bug now we’re out of the Hutt Cartel zones.

We’re playing through the early instances of the Shadows of Revan expansion on Imperial side now, another case of enjoying the alternate perspective on a familiar story for me, a completely new experience for my two group-mates. It’s a rather neat story line and one I’m happy to play again after a gap of several years. SWTOR remains a very good small-group game to play with friends, at least through the base game, Hutt Cartel and up until this expansion. The inclusion in Revan of the story-mode flashpoints is a nice change of pace from just doing zones and missions as well, we did instantly dismiss the auto-spawned GSI helper-droid(s) to keep a semblance of challenge for our trio.

It might have been a pure coincidence but I was able to take a lot more screenshots with print screen also in this session than any session I can remember. Given the prevalence of loading screens in the game, and the fact that loading between areas always seemed to me to be the moment that would cause Print Screen to stop working, I was able to take screenshots throughout the evening without resorting to the XBox for PC overlay alternative. Like the recent addition of a quest text font size button in Lord of the Rings Online, this kind of small but impactful change can make quite the difference to how a game feels to play overall.  I’ve no idea whether this was another bug fix or just a coincidence?

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