Autumn begins… gaming update

A seasonal change is upon us once more and I’m feeling a bit itchy for change myself. I’ll be on a break from gaming soon due to travel and that had me wondering if it’ll break my habits when I return, others have been writing on whether WoW Classic will be sticky in the longer term. I expect it will be as with its slow leveling it’s hardly a one-monther game.

Consecrate finally!

I’ll have a chunk of EQ2 Days of Summer content to catch up on when I’m back too, though that won’t take very long. I could also continue questing in Chaos Descending while I await more news on the next expansion.

Otherwise, I’d be rather tempted to do some more Lord or the Rings Online. I left the game stuck at the start of Mordor and nothing has changed, but my time in Classic has maybe helped to slow down my expectations of progress a little – not in this case to go play on the LOTRO progression server. I can’t let go of my crafting alts that easily, it just means too much to me.

Time for another ride in Middle Earth?

However, I am rather tempted to give gearing and trait-leveling on my main some more, Champion has always been enjoyable to play. Also I still haven’t given Captain a proper good try so that’s an alternative reason to return as well. Reading about the excitement over the new Dwarves and progression server reports has the game on my mind once more.

Anyone have any gaming plans for Autumn (Fall)?

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  1. I have been tempted to go back to EQII for Days of Summer. I did that last year and had a good time with it. But WoW Classic has its teeth in me right now. I might have to pick that event up again next year.

    Likewise, I was big on the LOTRO Legendary server for a stretch, and then came Moria and I got lost somewhere along the way. I think the EQ 20th anniversary events distracted me. Too many things I’d like to do I guess.

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