Always playing catchup

My earliest memories of MMORPG gaming involve playing catchup to friends, old and new, in World of Warcraft. The Burning Crusade expansion came out scant months before I started playing (by my recogning in March 2007). So when husband and I jumped into the game most of our friends already had level capped characters at 60.

As players of Classic are (re-)discovering, leveling was not that quick back then, nothing like the modern game over on Retail. We spent months leveling our characters in duo to catch up with where the guild and bulk of players were – in the newly launched zones of Outlands. I have vague memories of being somewhat frustrated at the time that we weren’t getting to join in on the fun everyone seemed to be having in the new lands and dungeons. We were lucky that our guildies had plenty of alts of various levels that they could join us with to run the leveling dungeons as we went up the long level-ladder to 60.

Play called off by rain

We’ve been rather too busy with other things to do much Classic of late and our characters have been idling rather in Darkshore. It’s a shame as it’d be great to get to the first dungeon run, at the pace we’re leveling that might night happen for quite a while. With this server there’s no clear plan of expansions as yet (if ever) so I suppose there’s no hurry at all with leveling in Classic.

Now that’s what I call a Flamestrike

It’s a common experience I’ve had in this genre that I love, I’m usually behind the curve in any game at any level. Playing some Everquest 2 recently I realised I’d not touched the Chaos Descending expansion content at all. My characters were effectively parked, from a gearing perspective, at the end of Planes of Prophecy. That explained why I found the new prequel quest content rather a slog – catch up time once again!

On the souvenir hunt

Of course there’s also the Days of Summer catchup event going on, a week at a time. I imagine I’ll just about have gotten through the Chaos Descending adventuring timeline at around the time Days of Summer is done (if there are as many weeks as previous years) – meaning I’ll have a load of quest reward gear and event gear of similar power levels. Two different means of catching up. But doing the Chaos Descending content will mean seeing the story, always worth it in EQ2, and it’d be nice to see what all those shouts in Global are about public quests before this becomes outdated and neglected content.

Playing catch-up can be a drag, but then it’s still gaming I have to look forward to!

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  1. Isey says:

    This is why I like P1999. I don’t have to worry about a new expansion coming to delete all the progress I have done and make me start from the bottom again. No gear or level resets. Can play at my own pace.

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